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    Frequently asked questions before renting a car


    Hello! Can I rent a car with a driver ?

    Of course, you can rent a car with or without a driver from us. If you opt for renting with a driver, payment is on an hourly basis.


    Want to know are delivery and pickup of the car available ?

    Yes. Delivery and pickup are possible at any location in Chisinau, as well as at Chisinau International Airport.


    Can I travel with your car outside of Moldova ?

    Yes, it's possible to travel outside the territory of Moldova with the rented car, but the countries for travel need to be coordinated in advance. Each case is individual, and rental conditions may vary depending on the operating territory.


    Is fuel included in the car rental price ?

    No, refueling of the car is the renter's responsibility. The fuel level in the tank is recorded upon car handover, and upon return, these indicators are compared. If you are unable to refuel the car, it's possible to make a recalculation for the fuel shortage.


    Do I need to wash the car before returning it ?

    Yes, as the condition of the car's interior and exterior is documented upon handover.


    Is it possible to rent a car without a deposit ?

    No. The car is provided only after the rental payment is made, along with a deposit. The deposit amount varies depending on the model of the provided car.


    What documents are required for renting a car ?

    To reserve a car, you need to send clear photos of the following documents or have them available when signing the contract:

    • Passport (main page)
    • ID card (front and back)
    • Driver's license (front and back)


    What is the minimum age and driving experience required for renting a car ?

    The minimum age for renting an economy or comfort class car is 21 years old, and the driving experience must be at least 3 years. For renting a business or premium class car, the minimum age must be at least 23 years old, with a driving experience of at least 5 years.


    How are your cars insured ?

    All cars in our fleet are insured under compulsory insurance policies. Comprehensive insurance (CASCO) can be discussed individually for an additional fee.


    Is there a mileage limit ?

    Usage within the Republic of Moldova is limited to 150 km/day. Usage outside the country is discussed individually.


    Is there a speed limit ?

    Yes, there is. The maximum speed limit is 135 km/h.


    What should I do in case of an accident ?

    You should immediately call the traffic police, and then contact our company's managers. If possible, take photos of the accident from different angles. Wait for the traffic police to arrive and complete all necessary forms. Upon returning the car, hand over any documents related to the accident to our technical specialist or company manager.


    How are traffic fines paid ?

    Traffic fines are paid by the renter-driver independently. When we receive a fine for the car used during the rental period, we notify you. Based on the contract, your data is included in the violation report, after which the traffic police contact you directly. Most fines are subject to a 50% discount if paid within the first 72 hours after confirmation and signing of the violation report.


    What should I do if the car breaks down during the rental ?

    Before each car rental, our cars undergo a thorough inspection, so we always provide fully functional cars for rent. However, a car is a machine, and machines can break down. In case of such a situation, you should contact our company's technical specialist/manager, describe the problem (if possible, attach photos/videos of the malfunction). We will do our best to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


    Can I skip sending photos of my documents and complete the application offline at the office ?

    Yes, of course, you can skip sending scans/photos of documents. You can provide all your data in text form (date of document issuance, series, number, etc.). If this option doesn't suit you, you can come to our office and submit a rental application in person. However, to save your time, we can create a car rental application remotely.


    Do I need to come to the office for extension if I want to use the delivery service ?

    In case you need the car delivered, you can submit a rental request remotely. After reviewing the request, the car will be delivered to the specified address. The driver will bring the car and all necessary documentation (car documents, contract, handover protocol). Payment is made upon receipt of the car.


    Is it mandatory to come to the office for extension ?

    If you need to extend the rental, you can make the payment for the extension remotely, and we will send you an additional agreement for extending the rental according to the existing contract.


    What should I do if I am unable to return the car on time ?

    In this case, payment for additional rental hours will be calculated based on the actual return time of the car. A delay of 2 to 8 hours is charged at half the daily rental rate, and a delay of more than 8 hours is charged at the full daily rental rate.


    Can I make a contract in my name and share the use of the car with my wife/husband/brother/colleague ?

    Transfer of the steering wheel to third parties not mentioned in the contract is strictly prohibited. But if you know in advance that there will be multiple drivers, we can immediately add the necessary number of people authorized to drive the car to the contract.


    Is smoking allowed in your cars ?

    Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited and incurs a fine of 300 euros. However, the use of electronic vaporizers/heaters, which do not involve combustion, is allowed.


    Can I rent a car with 1 year and 4 months of driving experience ?

    With such little experience, unfortunately, it's not possible. The minimum required experience is 3 years for economy and comfort class cars, and 5 years for business and premium class cars.

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