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    Long-term car rentals in Chisinau and Moldova

    Renting a car for a long term can be a very reasonable step in the event that a man or woman runs out of personal vehicle. Drivers know this feeling very well: an unpleasant journey in a bus, trolleybus and taxi, with no control over personal time, which negatively affects their own routine.

    The basis for long-term car rental

    • Restoration and elimination of damages resulting from the breakdown of the machine
    • Repair and prevention
    • The vehicle used by family and friends
    • It is required a personal auxiliary vehicle and suitable for work
    • Share your reasons
    • Cheap car rental in Moldova and Chisinau

    Please call the indicated phone number, speak with a professional operator, place an order or submit an online request

    Rent a car for a month

    There is a well-known superstition that renting a car for a month is an exclusive advantage of the population of rich Western countries, and it came to Moldova at the suggestion of foreign tourists, because only this part of the population, going abroad, rents a car without a driver in total for a few days. Obviously, on a short vacation or holiday, it is not possible to rent a car for the long term, but it is not necessary either. However, this does not mean that long-term car rental is only profitable abroad.

    Such a superstition is easy to dispel with accurate and real data of our company, because the price of a long-term car rental in Chisinau is 60-70% of the initial rate per day.

    In other words, the longer the rental period, the lower the price of renting the car for a long term, such as for a month, and decreases almost to the level of everyday expenses for a personal car.

    The benefits of renting from

    The car at the salon has an insurance policy. Cars of different price groups and quality classes are presented for use: from economy - Volkswagen Juke, Skoda Fabia, Renault Megane, to the middle level of BMW 3, Toyota Corolla, to business class BMW 5, Audi A7, Renault Talisman, Skoda Superb. , SUVs - BMW X1-X5, Audi Q5 S, and finally the VIP segment - Porshe Cayenne S, BMW 7, BMW X6 M, Mercedes GLE Coupe AMG63, Mercedes V-class. In addition, there is the possibility to rent a car in Chisinau for a month of commercial cars.

    There are required few sources of documents to proof the identity: a passport or identity card, a driving license and a bank card.

    Se propune furnizarea de accesorii suplimentare și echipamente electronice. De exemplu, GPS-ul va costa doar 5 euro pe zi, iar un scaun pentru copii este întotdeauna eliberat gratuit.

    If you need delivery of cars to the airport or Chisinau, please specify this at the time of ordering, it is completely free.

    Renting a car for a long period is very easy

    Everything is simple if it is handled by professional specialists. Our salon strives to provide consumers with a first-class level of service, the highest possible in modern life. We complement our car fleet by updating it with new models or novelties on demand, valuable in the automotive industry market, which have their own luxury and individual appeal. We constantly improve communication and interaction between consulting managers and clients, analyzing in detail and taking into account requests and applications, requirements, wishes and recommendations, reviews and comments. Due to this, the long-term car rental service in Moldova aims to provide relevant assistance to the client, practical and useful, in the absence of any difficulties and problems. has an active program for loyal customers. We value human qualities such as humanity, honesty and decency, conscientiousness and accuracy in fulfilling the terms of the contract. For loyal customers and those who often use our services, have an impeccable history of cooperation and joint activities, an attractive system of discounts, a personal manager, a favorable attitude and special attention of the team, participation in company promotions are available.

    We are always able to listen to the circumstances and understand the customer's position and point of view, especially with a long-term car rental contract. Such a service is still quite new on the car rental market, and both parties to the contract have rather extensive conditions and wishes for it. This means that success and well-being await only those companies that take maximum account of customer requirements in order to fully meet consumer expectations and guarantee high quality of services.

    Welcome to our salon. We invite you to feel the maximum of the facilities and absolute comfort offered by the "" company, when you rent a car for short term period in Chisinau.

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