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    Cheap Car Rental in Chișinău

    Dacă prețuiți timpul și banii dvs., cu siguranță veți înțelege că închirierea ieftină de mașini în Moldova de la salonul "Luxcar" este avantajoasă și practică. Noi avem propria noastră flotă auto, unde puteți alege o mașină pentru utilizare pe termen lung, pentru a călători în afara orașului sau pentru 2-3 ore. Noi acordăm mereu atenție celor mai avantajoase oferte, cele mai potrivite în privința prețului și calității. În același timp, avem o politică de preț transparentă și o strategie de marketing corectă, astfel încât orice client să poată vedea și înțelege pentru ce serviciu trebuie să plătească.

    How to rent a car cheaply?

    To start using the affordable car rental service, you don't need any additional documents or to wait long for the procedure to conclude. The rules and conditions applied to individuals when entering into a contract and registering a car include:

    • Presentation of any form of identification at your choice, such as ID card, passport, driver's license, identification card, military ID.
    • Payment for each rented car in Chișinău can be made in cash or by credit card and bank transfer.
    • Driving experience of at least 3 years.
    • Any resident of Moldova or other countries can rent a car after reaching the age of 21 (minimum age).

    We provide an insurance policy, the cost of which is included in the service price, so you won't incur any additional charges. The service rate is calculated personally in the presence and with the participation of the client. The contract is legally drafted according to the established form, under the most suitable conditions for the client.

    In turn, car rental in Moldova without a driver is available to commercial enterprises, legal entities, and government institutions. Here, you only need to provide the organization's details, the director's or institution's representative's data, a notarized power of attorney regarding the right to sign documents on behalf of the enterprise, as well as the ID card (passport) and driver's license of the person who will be driving the vehicle. Our salon employees can provide consultations on special offers and additional conditions at any time, offering affordable car rentals, detailed information about services, and customer support.

    Cheap car rental for any category

    Throughout our operation, our car fleet has grown and modernized, allowing us to offer customers a wide variety of affordably rented cars in Moldova for various purposes. Thus, the wide range of options allows for the choice of vehicles from several categories at reasonable prices:

    Advantages of Renting at

    In our salon, you have the exclusive opportunity to rent inexpensive cars for just one day or for a longer period. We offer cars for trips in Chișinău, Bălți, Cahul, Comrat, other cities, and across all of Moldova. All cars are in excellent technical condition, with regular maintenance carried out by our staff. Any minor discrepancies are remedied immediately. Functionality checks and diagnostics are performed before and after handing over the car. The registration process takes less than 15 minutes, after which you can leave on your journey immediately.

    For loyal customers and those who rent cars for the long term, promotional discounts of up to 30% are available, allowing you to save money. We treat each customer with care and attention, and as a result, we offer a 10% bonus discount on the chosen car on your Birthday! Now you have a unique opportunity to order affordable car rental on our website. All you need to do is complete a short form. To get information or place a service order, call the indicated phone number. You can also request a callback, and we will certainly get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Welcome to our salon. We invite you to feel the maximum of the facilities and absolute comfort offered by the "" company, when you rent a car for long term period in Chisinau.

    We recommend you consult the «Frequently asked questions» section, before renting a car. You can also find out details and rental conditions from our operators.

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