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    Minibuses and Minivans Rental in Chisinau And Moldova

    In certain cases, it's easier to use a rented vehicle rather than your own. Renting minivan , minibus or commercial transportation is appropriate for those who simply do not have their own vehicle for moving around the cities of Chisinau, Balti, Comrat, and Cahul. For those with a valid driver's license, an opportunity is provided to rent a minivan, minibus or commercial vehicle without a driver, accommodating 7, 8, or 9 seating places.

    The advantages of renting a minibus without a driver are clear and obvious:

    • Cost-effectiveness (less than renting with a chauffeur)
    • Maximum capacity, accommodating even 7, 8, or 9 passenger seats with seated passengers.
    • There is no unfamiliar person in the confined space of the vehicle cabin.
    • The right to modify the planned route and create your own travel plan.
    • The atmosphere during the journey will be more relaxed, conversations with fellow travelers more immediate. Additionally, this rental can be seen as an original way to test or evaluate a specific category of vehicle, especially if considering the purchase of that vehicle.

    Which vehicles do we offer for minibus and minivans rental?

    Renting minibus, minivan or commercial vehicles without a driver is a favorable opportunity to refresh your driving experience in Moldova.

    You can rent affordable vehicles with 7, 8, or 9 seating places from us, including:

    • Mercedes Viano
    • Mercedes V220D
    • Mercedes Vito

    Using the vehicle for a few days is highly practical and economical, as it's cost-effective and eliminates the need to worry about maintenance, repairs, parking spaces, or parking fees. In Moldova, renting minivan, minibus or a commercial vehicle with 7 seats caters to all requirements, interests, desires, and financial resources. It's an affordable and accessible rental option.

    When is it advantageous to rent a minivan in Moldova?

    It's practical to rent a minibus for weddings, excursions, moving to a new home, transporting goods, heavy items, and bulky belongings. If your personal vehicle is undergoing repairs and using public transportation is inconvenient, the simplest solution is to rent a minibus.

    From time to time, it's necessary to rent a microbus at an affordable price as a replacement for larger vehicles located in the dealership's parking lot.

    The rules for concluding the contract are straightforward and standard: providing an ID or passport (for foreign citizens), a valid driver's license for the corresponding category, and depositing a sum as security. Payments and settlements can be made through bank cards, electronic payment systems, or cash.

    In any scenario, the rental price for the minibus is budget-friendly and directly depends on the type of vehicle and the duration of use. The rental period is discussed on-site: from 2-3 hours and beyond (a day, a week, a month, a year). A loyalty program and participation in promotions are available. Pleasant bonuses and significant discounts are provided.

    Welcome to our salon. We invite you to feel the maximum of the facilities and absolute comfort offered by the "" company, when you rent a car for long term period in Chisinau.

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