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    Renting SUVs, Jeeps and Off-Road vehicles in Chisinau and Moldova

    The service offered by our "LUXCAR" showroom - renting an SUV, is intriguing due to its unique features and affordable price. It's a type of vehicle that looks equally natural on a wide highway or in challenging mountainous terrain, a pristine forest near a tranquil river, or a bustling asphalt-covered metropolis.

    An SUV, crossover, or jeep - all these names describe a large and spacious vehicle with a powerful engine. It's highly practical to rent such a vehicle when there's a need for diverse activities.

    SUV rental can be useful in situations like:

    • Transporting eight persons with bulky luggage, for instance, for active recreation (nature, beach), sports competitions, to neighboring and distant cities, regions, and villages, in a comfortable and spacious vehicle.
    • Arriving on time for serious negotiations and emphasizing one's privileged position as a successful and enterprising individual.
    • Organizing an official reception for VIP guests upon their arrival at the airport, train station, or another location and escorting them to the appropriate place.
    • Safely and quickly delivering important documents, business papers, funds, valuables, personal belongings, and items.
    • Renting an SUV for festive occasions: weddings, milestone birthdays, and many others.
    • Picking up and bringing children from daycare, school, gymnasium, or high school.

    In reality, we've listed only the most well-known and encountered circumstances for which clients in an SUV rental.

    Rent a SUV and Off-road vehicles without driver

    The "LUXCAR" showroom has prepared various advantageous deals and special offers for long-term SUV rentals in Moldova. They are available for the entire population and businesses of the republic, as well as for residents and institutions from foreign countries. The established procedure involves placing a rental of a crossover with the payment of a minimum amount as a mandatory deposit.

    The established procedure involves renting a crossover upon making a mandatory minimum deposit. The company's internal policy is based on principles of decency and mutual trust, forming the foundation for subsequent pleasant and constructive interactions. Given the diverse composition of our vehicle fleet, customers have a wide assortment to choose from.

    Keep in mind that for long-term SUV rentals of just 20 days, a significant discount ranging from 15-35% off the daily price from the initial cost is provided, and for 30 days or more, it can reach up to 40%.

    Off-road vehicles and SUV rental is practical not only in terms of material benefits.

    SUV rental is practical not only in terms of financial benefits. At "," it's easy and comfortable. The process for registering is as follows:

    • Call the operator using the provided phone numbers or fill out the dedicated form on the website.
    • If the customer contacts via phone, they can directly hear and quickly become acquainted with the details of the future transaction and the principles of the off-road vehicle and SUV rental service.
    • The car model, the date of the visit to the company to physically complete the application, the period of use of the vehicle, the method of payment and other details are discussed. During the personal visit to the salon, the contract is completed and the service is paid for, usually within 10-15 minutes.
    • The transfer is made, the customer receives the car, keys, documents and leaves for his destination.

    Welcome to our salon. We invite you to feel the maximum of the facilities and absolute comfort offered by the "" company, when you rent a car for short term period in Chisinau.

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