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    Car rental in the economy class in Chisinau and Moldova

    We offer affordable car rentals in the Economy class at our showroom in Chisinau, available for both one-day rentals and longer periods of time. Our managers will select a car for you based on specific plans, and additional services will be provided for the entire rental period.

    We recommend you consult the «Frequently asked questions» section, before renting a car. You can also find out details and rental conditions from our operators.

    Owning a personal vehicle in a bustling city is considered more of a necessity than a luxury. Despite this, acquiring a private car is often unjustified. In many situations, the most rational and financially reasonable choice is a temporary rental car in Moldova, specifically from the Economy category, which is highly in demand among:

    • -Visitors to Chisinau
    • Small businesses and large organizations without their own vehicle fleet
    • Drivers whose vehicles are under repair or technically unfit
    • Individuals and legal entities in need of an affordable occasional car rental

    Car rentals in the Economy class in Moldova are tailored to the requirements and financial capabilities of every customer. The rental price for a single cari is quite accessible, starting from 25 euros per day, and the cost decreases proportionally with the length of the rental period. You have the option to rent an Economy class car in Chisinau at an affordable price without a driver, with a necessary insurance deposit, as well as other convenient rental options with a driver. Moreover, special terms of the contract are provided to you, including support in emergencies and unexpected situations.

    Our showroom always has economically priced rental cars available in Moldova, offering models such as: Volkswagen Polo, Renault Megane, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Kadjar, Skoda Fabia, Renault Captur, Toyota Auris Hybrid, Toyota C-HR;

    • Skoda Fabia – a hatchback with front-wheel drive, equipped with air conditioning, car stereo, seating for five, and fabric interior.
    • Renault Taliosman – a black sedan with front-wheel drive, automatic transmission, seating for five, onboard computer, audio system, heated front seats, and car air conditioning.
    • Toyota Auris Hybrid – a white hatchback, automatic transmission, restyling, includes air conditioning, audio system, fabric interior, hybrid engine.
    • Volkswagen Polo is available for affordable car rental – a white and black five-seater sedan with automatic transmission, tinted windows, spacious interior, and heated front seats covered with leather.
    • Renault Megane – sedan and hatchback models, equipped with a music audio system, air conditioning, comfortable five-seat interior upholstered in trendy fabric, leather seat covers.

    Comprehensive information and detailed specifications, data, and equipment details for each car are provided in the summary card on the company's website. Car rentals in Chisinau are affordable for you, and we are confident you will be satisfied. The service price ranges from 50 euros for a period of 2 to 5 days, 45 euros for 6 - 10 days, 40 euros for 11 - 16 days, 35 euros for 17 - 23 days, and 25 euros for 24 days or more.

    This recommendation is rational and financially sensible, as it contributes to the saving of your financial resources. For businessmen and organizational leaders, it aids in financial and budgetary calculations. Even for long-term rentals, you won't have to pay more and rent a car at an unreasonable price.

    How to rent a car inexpensively

    The "Luxcar" showroom offers affordable car rentals in Moldova. You can individually reserve this service by filling out the information in the special form on the website - a request form in the form of a questionnaire. This procedure will take no more than five minutes, and you don't even need to leave the building, whether it's an airport, hotel, or apartment.

    During the questionnaire, provide personal information, driver's license details, accurate passport information, and contact details. Following the submission of the message, a company representative will call within a short time for verification, after which you can promptly come and pick up the reserved car. For inquiries and consultation, call the specified phone number, where an employee will provide helpful advice and address any requests.

    Car rental rules and conditions

    Car rentals at our showroom can be ordered cheaply and with a small deposit, designed for customer comfort.

    • Moldovan citizen or foreign state passport.
    • Driver's license of a specific category.
    • Additional documents - ID card, bank card, military ID, etc.

    Filling out the application will take only 10-15 minutes.

    Payment methods and payment systems

    The rental fee for the car can be paid using any suitable method:

    • Cash at the office premises
    • Bank cards
    • Bank transfers
    • Electronic payments

    Welcome to our salon. We invite you to feel the maximum of the facilities and absolute comfort offered by the "" company, when you rent a car for long term period in Chisinau.

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