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    Car rental without a driver in Chisinau

    Salonul „” oferă servicii de închiriere auto fără șofer. Pentru a asigura o calitate înaltă a serviciilor și pentru a oferi o gamă variată de opțiuni, compania dispune de un parc auto format din peste 100 de vehicule de 18 mărci de top din industria auto la nivel mondial.

    All vehicles are divided into customer categories:

    This segmentation allows for the complete provision of self-driven car rental services. Each group of cars reflects the purchasing power and preferences of customers with different rental plans. Moreover, the plans themselves can be segmented based on distinctive characteristics.

    Why is the self-driven car rental service so popular?

    • Due to the absence of a personal vehicle for various reasons (malfunctions, repairs, etc.)
    • Because of a busy schedule with personal and business meetings
    • To communicate with relatives, friends, guests, or business partners
    • For trips outside the city for tourism and recreation in nature
    • For road trips with friends
    • Long-term car rental is widely practiced and popular among affluent individuals, especially in the VIP category, as well as in the commercial sphere, where renting is beneficial and very practical for entrepreneurs and businesspeople
    • For reputation events to enhance image, advertising campaigns, representative tasks, and VIP events
    • For rich experiences, to perform experimental test drives, and to drive powerful cars, jeeps, and to rent off-road vehicle and SUV. This is primarily a choice of the youth.

    Loyalty Program for Company's Loyal Customers

    In the "Luxcar" showroom, pleasant bonuses are available for long-term car rentals. These bonuses can be obtained not only in monetary terms but also in the form of a 30% or higher discount off the daily rental price. The company has an active loyalty program for loyal customers. Regular customers receive preferential treatment, complete technical support, and in difficult situations during the rental period, legal assistance can be provided and more. When new models appear, these customers are informed first.

    We recommend you consult the «Frequently asked questions» section, before renting a car. You can also find out details and rental conditions from our operators.

    All vehicles available for self-driven rental are in excellent technical condition, are delivered with a full tank of fuel, clean and washed, with all the necessary vehicle documents. An important point is that most contracts include a comfortable deposit for customers! Deviations from this rule are possible only in the VIP segment, where the most expensive cars are offered.

    Renting a car without a driver in Chișinău through our showroom becomes a pleasant and comfortable experience. Our internal policy is based on the principles of professional ethics and good behavior, which has allowed us to quickly gain consumer trust and, most importantly, gratitude.

    Welcome to our company. We invite you to rent a car without a driver in Moldova at the "" showroom and experience unlimited freedom and high-quality service.

    Welcome to our salon. We invite you to feel the maximum of the facilities and absolute comfort offered by the "" company, when you rent a car for short term period in Chisinau.

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