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    Business class car rental in Chisinau and Moldova

    According to indicators and statistical data, self-drive car rental in the business class is the most popular service in the middle category of the car rental industry. This service competes favorably in scale with the budget car rental segment. This phenomenon can be understood and explained by some reasons:

    • Comfort, convenience, and affordability of renting business class cars
    • Optimal cost for a significantly elevated comfort level
    • High quality of Luxcar's services, evident from favorable customer reviews
    • Special promotional campaigns and additional bonuses that incentivize consumer interest
    • Models like Mercedes-Benz Е200/E220, BMW 316/320/328/520/528/640, Mercedes-Benz S-class, BMW 740D, Audi A7D can be listed.

    The following are the reasons why customers are drawn to this category:

    • Popular model group. Practically and conveniently suited for business-class car owners who, at the moment, cannot use their personal vehicles (for instance, due to repairs or being at an inaccessible distance), and can turn to renting business-class cars. Notable options here include Renault Talisman, Infinity Q30, BMW 520D, Audi A4.
    • Exceptionally pragmatic aspect. Business trips, meetings, official trips, or travel across the country, cities, and districts. Clients of this order who turn to renting cars business-class are usually top managers, directors, chairmen, and presidents of companies, corporations, holdings, or business owners. They prioritize service speed, service quality, wide range of models, and vehicle availability. Consider the following car options: Land Cruiser 200, BMW 520D, Mercedes-Benz E200/E220, and BMW 740D.
    • Reputation-building events for image enhancement, advertising campaigns. Renting business-class cars is an excellent opportunity to showcase distinctive features and characteristics, display one's high material status, official position, prosperity, and authority. Prominent cars from our company "Luxcar" that best suit these goals include BMW X1 xDrive, Audi A7, BMW 316/320/328/520/528/640.
    • Aspiring for an experiential test drive and enjoying the thrill of driving a comfortable car. This user group is primarily young people who opt for self-drive car rental in the business class to experience the adrenaline rush, as well as to feel the excitement and speed capabilities of the vehicle. This includes car brands like Audi A4, Audi A7, BMW 640 Cabriolet, BMW X3 xDrive, and BMW 320i.

    Self-drive business class car rental

    At "," the strategy of offering self-drive car rental in the business class is adopted. However, this working principle extends to all other service categories and car models. These are the justified demands of our customers, and the customer's wish is our command.

    Of course, unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise where a driver is absolutely necessary, for example: the customer is unwell or needs to work online during the journey, and so on. Self-drive car rental in the business class is available to customers aged 21 and above, possessing a valid driving license with at least three years of driving experience.

    Rental of executive class cars - easy and simple

    We actively strive to establish a model of operation where everything is clear, transparent, and accessible to our customers, especially in the VIP category and business class category. After all, the majority of these customers are esteemed individuals who value their time and money. To arrange documents for renting a business-class car, only 10-15 minutes are needed.

    The presence of electronic payment systems and wallets makes payment virtually instantaneous. An additional factor: renting a business-class car is not done without car insurance and other accompanying documentation. The entire set of documents is provided to the customer in one package, without unnecessary formalities.

    By collaborating with "," customers receive not only financial benefits but also enjoyment, as we regularly introduce interesting technical innovations and provide pleasant bonuses, special discounts, and participation in promotional campaigns. For example, renting GPS equipment, child seats free of charge, and car voltage converters at a minimal cost.

    Welcome to "LUXCAR" - the company that turns your day into an unforgettable celebration!

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