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    Car rental for a day

    Set of services - renting a car for 24 hours, day by day, is increasingly conquering Chisinau and Moldova in general. There is an objective justification for this fact: it is safe, practical, comfortable, cheap. Our showroom offers car rental in Chisinau for a day or more, the most famous and popular car models. The customer has the opportunity to choose a car from the multitude of types and series, such as:

    Economy class

    • Volkswagen Polo
    • Renault Megane
    • Nissan Qashqai
    • Renault Kadjar
    • Renault Captur
    • Skoda Fabia
    • Toyota C-HR
    • Toyota Auris Hybrid

    Business class

    • Mercedes-Benz Е200/E220
    • BMW 316/320/328
    • BMW 520/528
    • BMW 640i
    • BMW 740D
    • Mercedes-Benz Clasa S
    • Audi A7D


    • Mercedes-Benz GLC
    • Jaguar E-Pace D
    • Volkswagen Tiguan
    • Range Rover Evoque
    • Renault Duster
    • Toyota RAV-4
    • Skoda Kodiaq
    • Kia Sportage
    • BMW X1
    • BMW X3
    • Mitsubishi Outlander
    • Ford Ranger

    Middle class

    • Mercedes-Benz Clasa C
    • Audi A3
    • Volkswagen Passat D
    • Skoda Octavia
    • Volkswagen Jetta
    • Infiniti Q30/Q50
    • Lexus IS
    • Toyota Corolla


    • BMW X5
    • BMW X6 M-Pack
    • Porsche Cayenne-S
    • Porsche Cayenne-Coupe
    • Toyota LandCruiser 200


    • TGB BLADE 600LT 4×4

    Jet ski

    • Kawasaki Ultra 300x

    Commercial minibuses and minivans

    • Mercedes Vito
    • Mercedes Viano
    • Mercedes clasa V

    Why should you rent a car for a day and not use, for example, a taxi

    There is no doubt that calling and using a taxi is quite a fast service. Sometimes this kind of transport lets you down. For example, meeting business partners at the airport. The flight is unexpectedly delayed, the wait becomes long, and the taxi meter reaches an additional price. As a result, wasted money, an atmosphere of nervousness, a problematic situation with a taxi driver. A completely different situation is when there is a daily car rental in Moldova. You can safely rent a car for a day and manage your time by yourself. There is no need for extra coordination, hassle and spending extra money.

    The next advantage of renting a car for a day: a fast registration of the order. Our salon "" undertakes to draw up a contract and all the necessary documents within 10-15 minutes. The customer takes the key, the vehicle and goes to solve all his problems. In the situation with the taxi service, not everything is so simple. For example, on weekends, and even more so on holidays, calling a taxi at a certain time is a difficult task. Or maybe a person fails at a serious business meeting? Renting a car in Chisinau for a day, in this case, is the best choice.

    How are the documents for renting a car drawn up?

    To rent a car in Chisinau for a day do not need special efforts , you just need to follow a few simple steps:

    • Fill out an online application on the website or call the operator. Choose a car, set a date, exact time, car rental period, specify the details that interest you.
    • Take the necessary documents and come to the company office. You should have a passport, identity card and a driving license of the appropriate category with you.
    • The required age is 21-75 years.
    • At the same time, with a driving experience of 3 years, it is allowed to rent at a price of up to 60 euros per day, and when the driving experience is more than 3-5 years - more than this amount.
    • It is possible to conclude a car rental agreement for a day and href="" target="_self">for a longer period.. Make an advance payment by bank transfer, cash or cards of known payment systems.
    • Receiving the key and the vehicle.
    • Do a thorough inspection inside and out for damage. Inconsistencies found are indicated with the participation of the manager. If you want, document or request a car trade-in.
    • It should be taken into account - when renting a car for a day, the user must transfer the car in the same condition that he received. To exclude misunderstandings, it is more correct to carefully view the rented car before concluding a contract.
    • Enjoy driving.
    • Drive to scheduled events and personal meetings with ease and stress-free.

    Rent a car for a day - effortless and easy

    The most confident say - it's elementary. We don't think much, but we prove and execute. Positive comments from loyal customers and grateful reviews are the best evaluation and indicator of our work. What are the advantages of our company? Three main points: affordable and moderate guarantees, a wide selection and variety of cars, cheap prices. We turn car rental in Moldova for a day without driver into an incredible delight and a real pleasure.

    Absolutely all our customers have access to good additional bonuses. For example, GPS at a low price, a child seat absolutely free. All vehicles are in excellent condition and are offered to the customer with a full tank of fuel, insurance policy and appropriate payment document. Use is allowed without limits in the cities of Chisinau, Balti, Comrat, Cahul and throughout the territory of Moldova. You are welcome. We invite you to visit our website and choose the convenient 24h rental vehicle at affordable prices in Chisinau.

    Your welcome. We invite you to visit our website and choose the convenient 24h rental vehicle at affordable prices in Chisinau.

    We recommend you consult the «Frequently asked questions» section, before renting a car. You can also find out details and rental conditions from our operators.

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